Make sure the Champagne bottle is thoroughly chilled. Thirty minutes in a bucket with ice and water is a good guideline. The ideal temperature is between 42 and 50 degrees.
Always keeping the cork pointed away from people, begin by removing the foil covering from the cork.
Continue to keep one hand firmly on the cage and cork. With your other hand unwind and loosen the cage. TIP: Leave the loose cage in place atop the cork if you think you may need added traction in removing the cork.
Holding the bottle at a 45-degree angle with one hand still firmly holding the cage and cork, grip the bottom of the bottle with your other hand.
Gently twist the bottle from the bottom while keeping a firm grip on the cage and cork. If necessary, you can rock the cork very slightly to get it moving.
As you feel the cork beginning to emerge from the neck of the bottle, continue to keep a firm grip and apply counter pressure as needed to keep the cork from flying. The cork should ease gently out of the bottle with just a whisper of gas released.