To sip Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial is to behold a strikingly beautiful snapshot of the Champagne region, with each of its three prized grapes—Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier—represented in the same proportion in which they are planted across the countryside. With a bold brushstroke of house style along with unrivaled quality and scale, Brut Impérial is an ambassador for the region. The mission: To greet wine lovers around the world with the beauty and balance of great Champagne.

“The philosophy of Moët & Chandon, as the leader of the category, has always been to express Champagne as a whole. By using three varieties, we deliver a complete blend with the generosity, flesh and elegance that defines Moët & Chandon. One of the few rules we have is to always blend the three varieties,” explains Benoît Gouez, Moët & Chandon cellar master. This exquisite fruit is layered with aromas of brioche and fresh croissant, the result of the extended aging on the yeast that is another hallmark of the house style.


Virginia Philip, master sommelier, poured Champagne at The Little Nell Hotel in Aspen and Ruth’s Chris Steak House and Boudros in San Antonio before arriving at The Breakers Palm Beach over a decade ago. Here, non-vintage Champagnes such as Brut Impérial round out wine lists at restaurants across the luxury property. “There is a mistaken sentiment by some that being a big brand is somehow a negative. But that’s not true. No one can argue with the quality and historical presence of Moët & Chandon. There is a reason they have been around forever,” she says.

For Gouez, crafting Champagne on such a grand scale is not a challenge but an advantage. “Bigger is better when it comes to Champagne,” he asserts. “Blending is the key to consistency. The more wines I have at my disposal, the more I can cherry pick the best. Our size gives me access to superb vineyards across many towns and villages, so it is one of our biggest assets.” Philip says that Brut Impérial has earned its place at The Breakers Palm Beach, and is equally at home at Flagler Steakhouse, poolside or with the Pan-Asian cuisine of Echo.

Gouez believes that such likeability and versatility always comes back to the grapes. “Being a blend of red and white grapes, Brut Impérial combines the fruity lightness of a white wine and the structure of a red.”